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SMP Robotics' is the World only fully autonomous outdoor security robot that is capable of providing complete autonomous around the clock security monitoring in all weathers, all terrains condition - including in the desert and on snow!



Tech Avenue Pte Ltd was incorporated in year 1999. Tech Avenue is the sole distributor for Hokuyo Automatic in South East Asia. Established in 1946, Hokuyo Automatic has been a leading contributor of automation technologies. In recent years, the company has developed a number of scanning laser range finders with high accuracy distance measurements, as well as a series of data transmission devices using high-frequency technology. Compact size, low weight and low power consumption are some of the key advantages of Hokuyo scanning laser range finders. Depending on various applications, we can supply Indoor, outdoor and safety rated scanners. Some typical applications are: - Obstacle detection for AGVs - Collision prevention for port cranes - Path planning and obstacle avoidance for autonomous robots - Human safety protection around large machines and AGVs using safety laser scanner.



A provider of robotics solutions for healthcare, SIIX-AGT Medtech Pte. Ltd. specialises in service robots and surgical robots clinical application, design and development. Through our designs and innovations, we want to improve and transform the healthcare industry, and make life easier for medical practitioners, care-givers and patients. A leader in robotics power-assisted technology for hospital beds, our EPUSH technology earned us the first prize in Singapore’s National Healthcare Group’s Innovation Supplier Award in 2014. Our business partners and customers include large and established companies from Singapore, Japan and Germany. SIIX-AGT Medtech Pte. Ltd. is a joint venture between SIIX Corporation and Abacus Global Technology Pte. Ltd. Siix Corporation (TSE) ( is a major Japanese manufacturing company with headquarters in Tokyo and Osaka. Abacus Global Technology Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore company in the business of healthcare robotics and medtech device, including but not limited to, service robots and surgical robots.



CEI Limited a one stop solution provider with more than 20 years' experience in design & manufacturing across various sector and provide services like: 1. Contract manufacturing of Electro mechanical - Box Build and Turnkey Projects 2. Contract Design involving reverse engineering 3. Standard & custom design & build semiconductor FOL and Back End of line Equipment CEI serves customers in OEM’s industrial manufacturing, medical manufacturing, Machinery manufacturing, Semiconductor, automotive and capital equipment.

E4 & E6


FAULHABER is a leading supplier of high precision miniature and micro drive systems. FAULHABER offers the most extensive range of miniature and micro drive technologies available from a single source worldwide. From high performance DC Motors, Brushless DC Motors, to Linear Motors, and Stepper Motors, each drive is designed to achieve maximum performance in minimum dimensions and weight. Matching precision gearheads, encoders, linear components and drive electronics are available to complete the system.



Hiwin Technologies corp, being one of the world’s largest supplier of motion control products. it has set up R&D centers and lab in Germany, Japan, the United States and Russia. The company is capable of rolling out a full range of product lines comprising precision ball screws, linear guide ways, Industrial robots, Bearings, ect; Hiwin Mikrosystem Corp, being sister company, provide Electrical products, such as linear motor, X-Y stage, Gantry System, Linear Actuator, Linear Motor System, Servo motor and Driver. Hiwin Singapore is the subsidiary of Hiwin Technologies corp which had set up in Singapore since 2013, It carries the in house manufacturing, warehouse, logistic, technical support and Sale function to support the regional market in SEA.

F01 & E02


ST Kinetics (Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd) is the land systems arm of ST Engineering, an integrated engineering group. With 50 years of engineering expertise behind us, we are driven by a passion for innovation and work with partners and customers to deliver customised land systems and security solutions that meet the stringent operational requirements of defence, homeland security and commercial customers. Headquartered in Singapore, ST Kinetics employs a skilled workforce of some 5,000 people, 70% of whom are in engineering and technical roles, to support customers in over 40 countries. We are the world leader in niche products such as 40mm munitions. In FY2016, ST Kinetics recorded revenue of S$1.3b. Please visit for more information.



Flare Dynamics is an Aerospace Precision Engineering firm specializing in the arena of Unmanned Systems and Composite Materials. Founded by individuals with diverse engineering disciplines, Flare Dynamics ensures the most objective yet versatile solutions for the world’s needs. Flare Dynamics embodies the objective of delivering dynamic solutions through design and innovation. The engineering and design team has multiple years of experience on both conventional unmanned designs, as well as experimental platforms. The multi-faceted competency in mechanical, electronic, programming and design disciplines allows us to provide the optimum solution for any requirement.

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Savioke is the leader in developing and deploying peer-to-peer robots that work in human environments to improve people's lives. The company's flagship product, Relay, is a beautifully simple yet sophisticated delivery robot that increases productivity, revenue, and delight for people across a range of markets, industries and applications.

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Arbotist - "If we can conceptualize it, we can design, build and deploy it." Arbotist, with a vision to synergize automation robotics technology to help mankind, specialized in various areas of automation robotics and as a solutions provider, we repackaged conceptual ideas into working solutions to help your business. We collaborate closely with selected partners who has abundant of experience and resources that matches the competency required to materialize every different projects.

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Roceso Technologies is a Singapore based medical device company offering wearable robotic solutions to bring independence and dignity back to people's life. Our product EsoGlove is a wearable glove that provides assistance to the hand movements during rehabilitation and activities of daily living. Roceso Technologies aim to become a leading technology firm providing cutting-edge medical and assistive technologies. We aspire to enhance people’s life around the world with our talented people and evolving technologies.

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AMA, for short is the Premier Regional Systems and Peripherals Supplier, in the Semiconductor, Electronics, Logistics, Warehousing, Disk Media, Precision Engineering, Research & Development, Packaging, Storage Devices, In-Circuit Tester, Machine Tending, Food & Beverages, Aerospace and Defence industries, supplying products in our four Core fields, namely; Robotics, Motion Controls, Instrumentation and Aerospace & Defence. Products Represented include Kollmorgen (Premier Motion Controls Supplier), Rethink Robotics (Sawyer Smart 7-Axis Cobot with Embedded Cameras), Mecademic (Extra Small, High Precision 5-Micron Positional Repeatability 6-Axis Articulated Robot), Toshiba Industrial Articulated (SCARA & Cartesian Robots with Food Grade and Clean Room Class 1 Options), and SIOS (Laser Interferometer and Vibrometer). Visit our website at for more details.



DBS is a leading financial services group in Asia, with over 280 branches across 18 markets. Headquartered and listed in Singapore, DBS has a growing presence in the three key Asian axes of growth: Greater China, Southeast Asia and South Asia. The bank's "AA-" and "Aa1" credit ratings, is among the highest in the world. DBS is at the forefront of leveraging digital technology to shape the future of banking, and has been named “World’s Best Digital Bank” by Euromoney. The bank has also been recognised for its leadership in the region, having been named “Asia’s Best Bank” by several publications including The Banker, Global Finance, IFR Asia and Euromoney since 2012. In addition, the bank has been named “Safest Bank in Asia” by Global Finance for nine consecutive years from 2009 to 2017. DBS provides a full range of services in consumer, SME and corporate banking. As a bank born and bred in Asia, DBS understands the intricacies of doing business in the region’s most dynamic markets. DBS is committed to building lasting relationships with customers, and positively impacting communities through supporting social enterprises, as it banks the Asian way. It has also established a SGD 50 million foundation to strengthen its corporate social responsibility efforts in Singapore and across Asia. Our SME banking solutions include: Cash Management (Accounts & Payments), Trade Services, Financing & Capital Markets, Treasury, Business Insurance & Advisory.



ARTC is a platform built upon strong partnerships across the supply chain: complemented by technical support from research institutes and academia. The 1st Centre in Asia within the network of Advanced Research Centres (known as AxRCs), ARTC is headed by a capable core team. With a purpose built facility, underpinned with world class research expertise at A*STAR and NTU to rapidly create solutions and bring these technologies into industrial production capabilities to the benefit of all its stakeholders.



Asian Scientist Magazine is a science and technology magazine that highlights research and development news stories from Asia to a global audience. Based in Singapore, the online and print magazine is maintained by a team of professional science and medical journalists, with active contributors from industry and academia. We publish two print titles, Asian Scientist Magazine and Supercomputing Asia, in addition to books under the Asian Scientist imprint. We are a digital-focused media business with a strong following on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. OUR MISSION: With more than one-quarter of the world’s publications coming from Asia, our editorial team has our work cut out for us. Our mission at Asian Scientist Magazine is to highlight the best and most exciting science and technology stories from this community to a global audience. Read more from Asian Scientist Magazine at:



We secure UK and global prosperity by promoting and financing international trade and investment, and championing free trade. We are an international economic department, responsible for: Bringing together policy, promotion and financial expertise to break down barriers to trade and investment, and help businesses succeed; delivering a new trade policy framework for the UK as we leave the EU; promoting British trade and investment across the world; and building the global appetite for British goods and services.



POWERED BY ROBOTICS, DRIVEN BY RESULTS. Globotix brings innovative robotics to all levels of industry. With a pioneering spirit and a passionate focus on research and development, we are dedicated to creating robotic technologies that deliver real-world results in an ever diverse business environment. Like our team at Globotix, our robots are performance-driven, versatile and (user-) friendly at all times. Our supply of robotic solutions aim to optimize work flow processes by increasing productivity and reducing costs, thereby creating economic and operational advantages for all businesses, big and small.



Incorporated in 1988 and headquartered in Singapore, Hibex Singapore Pte Ltd has been actively involved in the South East Asia’s manufacturing sectors, namely, Semiconductor, PCB, SMT, Solar and Printed Electronics. We work closely with our business partners, leveraging on our networks, customer reach and local experiences to provide manufacturing solutions to our valued customers. Over the years, Hibex Singapore has cemented our foothold in the South East Asia region by setting up our presence in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam and the Philippines.

F11 & F13


The Holland Innovation Network at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Singapore and in Malaysia focusses on innovation, technology and science collaborations between Southeast Asia and the Netherlands. We facilitate matchmaking, answer questions about R&D developments and present initiatives for collaboration between companies, research institutes and government. To inform the Dutch R&D community we publish articles about developments in Southeast Asia and opportunities for the Dutch ecosystem. By organizing seminars and workshops we inform and inspire on a wide range of topics. The focus areas of the Holland Innovation Network are: ‘High Tech Systems & Materials’, ‘Water, Maritime & Offshore’, ‘Energy & Environment’ and ‘Life Sciences and Health’.



Founded in February 2000, HutCabb Services is a leading provider of technology services on internet solutions and end-to-end deployment. HutCabb collaborated with its partners to develop Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for remote healthcare monitoring to support the Silver Industry. The portfolio of products enables step-down care to be Measured, Moderated, Monitored and Maintained – there is room for Home Service Robotic Butlers to supplement and reduce the workload for professional care-givers.



RoboAsia is the first and only Asia robotics magazine featuring industry news, updates and insights from the exciting world of robotics. With smart robotics taking the forefront of science, engineering and technology, RoboAsia is poised to be the market leading publication with extensive coverage on the trends and developments revolving around smart robotics, besides also featuring key updates on industrial robotics.



The Institute of Technical Education (ITE) is a post-secondary education institution established in 1992 under the Ministry of Education. As a principal provider of career and technical education, and a key developer of national occupational skills certification and standards, ITE's Mission is to create opportunities for students and adult learners to acquire skills, knowledge and values for employability and lifelong learning. ITE's Vision is to be A Trailblazer in Career and Technical Education. Our Values are Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence and Care. ITE comprises the ITE Headquarters and three ITE Colleges - College Central, College East and College West



Jeff Supplies Pte. Ltd. was incorporated in 1979, and has been a wholesaler for cleaning machinery and equipment in the environmental services. They will be introducing a successful autonomous cleaning robot, Cleanfix RA660 Navi, at SIRE 2017. This robot is the perfect candidate amidst the tight labour market and unpopularity of low skilled jobs. Friendly consultants will be available at the Jeff Supplies Pte. Ltd. Booth to provide more information on the machine’s functions. Visitors will receive a welcome gift while stocks last.



In 1969 Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. created the first industrial robot in Japan, marking the beginning of the commercial production of industrial robots. Since then, we have stood as the leading robot manufacturer and have worked to develop the industry worldwide. Using state-of-the-art technology and drawing upon over 45 years of experience in robotics, we continue to develop high quality, top-notch industrial robots, and provide engineering and services with added high-value. We always offer optimum solutions. These solutions are perfectly catered to our customers' needs for automation and labor-saving measures while helping them to improve productivity, quality, and the work environment. The Robot Division has its headquarters in Akashi, Japan. We also have many offices and service centers throughout Japan ready to support our customers. In markets overseas, Kawasaki's subsidiary companies and able distributors attend to our customers' sales, service, and engineering needs.

F02, F04 & F06


The National Robotics R&D Programme Office (NR2PO) is setting up a platform to showcase some of the potential applications for robotics, for the following purposes: (A) To build industry awareness of the potential of robotics solutions, together with other smart systems like AI or IOT that is robotics-related, in enabling new possibilities to solve industry problems. (B) To introduce some of the prototypes, demonstrators, or spin-off technologies, to expose them to such technologies, for potential further engagements to collaborate or innovate. The projected platform will feature 20-minute back-to-back sessions for startup presenters to pitch to a wide audience on 2 topics: (1) Implementation experience and walkthrough on some of the challenges and opportunities for robotics, AI, etc… (2) How their solutions can solve some of the industry problems and how to collaborate with them. There is no cost to the presenter. Presenters will merely be responsible for their own collaterals, marketing materials, posters, additional equipment for demo, transportation costs of their products. If you have an interest in showcasing, please send in a brief write-up (not more than 2 pages) on how you can serve the purposes stated above, the team involved, and the product/solution/demonstrator/prototype that you want to showcase. Contact: Ms Lina Hamed Email:



"The School of Engineering (SOE) of Ngee Ann Polytechnic offers 12 engineering diplomas, ranging from Engineering Science, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical to Automation & Mechatronic Systems. Our engineering students are offered many exciting industry - relevant specializations during their second or third year. SOE maintains close partnerships with industry players and research partners to enrich students' learning experience through internships, collaborative projects and off-campus learning opportunities. The Automation Systems Centre and Engineering Product Development Centre are but two examples of the Technology Centres established within SOE to provide the platforms for staff and students to work on cutting-edge projects and build on the Polytechnic's research and development expertise in niche areas. The Autonomous Tracked Surveillance Robot and Robot Promoter being exhibited in the SIRE 2016 bear testimony to the commitment and efforts of these two technology centres."



Founded in 1999 as a member of the PBA Group of Companies, PBA Systems continuously aims for technological breakthroughs and innovations. In addition to motor modules and other components, PBA Systems has mechanical design customization and fabrication capabilities (including carbon fibre component moulding) that allows them to deliver integrated and customized solutions to their customers. PBA Systems work to deliver the best products to their customers, while providing excellent service and uncompromising quality standards.

F02, F04 & F06


Robotics Automation Centre of Excellence (RACE), an initiative to drive industry 4.0 change across Singapore and the S.E.A. region, is the leading force in robotics and automation training. Race academy offers a full spectrum of robotic courses, ranging from apprentice to professional, enabling robotics engineers and mid-life career-switchers to take on complex projects.

F02, F04 & F06


The first educational institution in Singapore to leverage the Problem-based Learning approach for all its diploma programmes, Republic Polytechnic (RP) has seven schools and one academic centre offering forty-two diplomas in Applied Science, Engineering, Management and Communication, Events and Hospitality, Infocomm, Sports, Health & Leisure, and Technology for the Arts. Republic Polytechnic is committed to nurturing innovation and entrepreneurial learning in an environment that develops problem-solving skills and lifelong learning opportunities. Its holistic and broad-based curriculum prepares students for an active and meaningful role in society as problem solvers, respected professionals and passionate citizens.



In manufacturing plants around the world, industrial automation has become a priority as companies seek cost-effective ways of responding to dynamic customer requirements, labor challenges and global competition. Rethink’s advanced collaborative robotic technology is leading the way with the only integrated cobot solution available from a single source.



Incorporated since 1982, SIAA is a professional association for companies and professionals in the Automation, Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Robotics sectors. To date, SIAA has about 500 active member companies and professionals, representing different industry verticals such as smart cities, buildings, logistics, retail, transportation, tourism, healthcare, and manufacturing. SIAA plays a crucial role in galvanizing the Automation, IoT and Robotics business community, through its extensive line-up of highly-valued programs and events, namely: flagship event, thought leadership sharing sessions, study missions, regional collaborations, trade collaborations, exploring overseas market.



Established in 1954, Singapore Polytechnic (SP) is Singapore’s first polytechnic. It has 10 schools that offer 46 full-time courses for close to 16,000 students. SP adopts a proven creative teaching and learning framework and offers students a holistic, authentic and industry-relevant curriculum, innovative and vibrant learning spaces, and enriching overseas programmes. The Polytechnic is committed to producing competent and versatile graduates who are also imbued with sound values, so that they can be work ready, life ready and world-ready. SP has more than 195,000 graduates and among them are successful entrepreneurs, top executives in multi-national and public-listed corporations, and well-known professionals across various industries and leaders in government.



Solustar is a Singapore based software and robotic company. Solustar provides robots for the education, home and commercial Industry. Solustar design and manufacture factory and F &B Movers. The company has collaboration with leading institution locally and overseas such as Batam Polytechnic Negiri, in the area of AI, speech, navigation and machine learning. Solustar is the Technology Partner for ASEAN for Qihan Robotic Co., Qianhai Yong Yi Da Robot(Shenzhen) Co. and GBL Robotics. Coming from its root as a software house, it develops Augmented Reality (AR) mobile application, dialog, multimedia and animation content for robot. The company is actively seek Partners for technical collaboration and sales agent.



TransTechnology (“Trans-Tec”) was founded in 1988, serving businesses for 28 years and counting. With our experience comes a wealth of knowledge and expertise passed down from one generation to the next. Starting out in Singapore, our expansion is steady throughout the Southeast Asian regions, bringing our influence across national boundaries. The heart of Trans-Tec is being an SMT solutions provider, excelling in providing a comprehensive range of technologies to improve productivity in a wide variety of businesses, as well as be a supporting partner in recommending and implementing cost-effective measures in assembly-line driven industries to maximise revenue. We are the market leader on a global scale in sales, distribution, service, and technical training for a full line of SMT electronic manufacturing equipment. Operating out of 41 offices in 11 countries, we represent more than 19 world-class brands in our range of SMT solutions.Our stable financial position gives us the ability to support new start-ups as well as established facilities. Our excellent reputation for delivering exceptional products and services are founded by a strong consistency and precision in three factors: PEOPLE, TECHNOLOGY & EXPERIENCE IN MAXIMIZING PROCESSES. Our product managers receive proper training in our own Trans-Tec Applications Lab to create a symbiosis of sales and service, which cushions our ability to support and fulfil your requirements, while achieving the best ROI possible with our comprehensive range of highly-configurable products. With our world-class engineering services and technical support experts, we will continue to support you with unparalleled dedication and commitment, because your business’ success creates value for us.