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SIRE 2018 Exhibitors Listing

If you are keen to participate as an exhibitor, please contact:

Karen Tan karentan@experiaevents.com / +65 6595 6325

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S/N Company UR Description Exhibiting Booth Number
2ANEWTECH SYSTEMS PTE LTDhttp://www.anewtech.net/ C14
3 AsianScientist https://www.asianscientist.com/ Asian Scientist Magazine is an award-winning science and technology magazine that highlights research and development news stories from Asia to a global audience.

Based in Singapore, the online and print magazine is maintained by a team of professional science and medical journalists, with active contributors from industry and academia.
Asian Scientist Magazine is published by Wildtype Media Group Pte Ltd, a digital-focused STEM media business with a strong following on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
 4Association of Small & Medium Enterprises - ASMEhttp://asme.org.sg/ The Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (ASME) is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1986 for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. With wide-ranging services and programmes, ASME strives to equip member SMEs with the business knowledge and market opportunities to help them grow their businesses.
ASME, as the champion of a pro-enterprise Singapore, bridges the public and the private sectors to promote a more conducive business environment which facilitates the start-up, growth and development of a larger pool of SMEs. The two ASME flagship awards - The Entrepreneur of the Year Award and Singapore Prestige Brand Awards are in recognition of SMEs’ successes.
5CHEMTRON PTE LTDwww.chemtron.asia D13
6 CREDENT TECHNOLOGY (ASIA) PTE. LTD. (NEW) http://www.credent-asia.com/ Credent Technology specialises in solutions for 3D data capture and detection. We provide 360° 3D LiDAR sensors, high accuracy Position and Orientation Systems and 3D mapping services. Our 3D LiDAR sensors and POS solutions are utilized in Autonomous Ground Vehicles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, robotics, industrial equipment and machinery automation systems. We also provide 3D mapping services with LiDAR sensors from UAV, terrestrial based and mobile back pack systems, delivering detailed 3D point cloud data to our clients.
7DASSAULT SYSTÈMES (DS Singapore Pte. Ltd.) https://www.3ds.com/Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, provides business and people with virtual universes to imagine sustainable innovations. Its world-leading solutions transform the way products are designed, produced, and supported. Dassault Systèmes’ collaborative solutions foster social innovation, expanding possibilities for the virtual world to improve the real world. The group brings value to over 220, 000 customers of all sizes, in all industries, in more than 140 countries. For more information, visit www.3ds.com
8 DOOG INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD. (NEW) http://en.doog-inc.com/
Doog International was established in Singapore to support and expand the regional business outside Japan HQ. Doog has 3 main products namely Thouzer (120kg payload), Thouzer Giant (payload 300kg) and Garoo (robotic wheelchair). All our products are navigated by Follow-me mode, line trace and manual mode. The latest navigation development is our Highway Thouzer, which can go multiple designated stations. It is also configurable to any possible routes on the working area.
Our robotic cart is like having a dog working for you, the advance algorithm has made it very responsive and behaving like a real dog.
9 EASTERN TRADE MEDIA https://www.iaasiaonline.com/
Industrial Automation Asia (IAA) has been serving the region for over 16 years. With 34,000 registered professional we represent a unique opportunity for organisations to tap into the Asian market. Our readership consists of key decision makers that include senior company executives, plant managers, engineering experts, academia, and purchasers.

We take a strong lead in partnering with, and participating in, many of Asia’s biggest and most established exhibitions and conferences with an increasing focus on many of Asia's emerging markets. In addition to our print edition, our ebook expands our reach to a global audience.
10 FAULHABER SINGAPORE PTE. LTD https://www.faulhaber.com/en/home/ FAULHABER Singapore represents a global brand with local presence.

FAULHABER Group is made up of four business divisions worldwide with its headquarters in Schönaich, Germany. Our wide variety of miniature drive systems are extensively used in numerous Robotics & Industrial Automation applications such as Factory Small Parts Grippers, Humanoid Robots, Inspection Robots, Self-Driving Logistics Robots, Bionic Prosthetics, as well as Medical Robotic Assistants. FAULHABER drive systems can be configured conveniently and securely integrated using standardised interfaces.
After all, every application needs a drive for motion.

Globotix brings innovative robotics to all levels of industry. With a pioneering spirit and a passionate focus on research and development, we are dedicated to creating robotic technologies that deliver real-world results in an ever diverse business environment.
Like our team at Globotix, our robots are performance-driven, versatile and (user-) friendly at all times. Our supply of robotic solutions aim to optimize work flow processes by increasing productivity and reducing costs, thereby creating economic and operational advantages for all businesses, big and small.
12 HAPTION https://www.haption.com/en/ Haption designs, manufactures and sells hardware and software solutions based on force-feedback. Founded in 2001, the company partners with the most advanced leaders to provide professionnal level force-feedback solutions for medical, robotic, nuclear and industrial applications.

Haption is widely acknowledged for its Virtuose range. Available with 6 degrees of freedom, they provide 3 or 6 force feedback along translations and rotations, in Standard and Desktop format. Involved in different R&D projects, we keep pushing the technology to market new products. In a 10-year stage, 5 new products were developed and industrialized, some of which are still unique today.

See Hyperlink:
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InnoPartner was established in 2017 as a joint venture between PC Partner Holdings Ltd, a Hong Kong listed electronics manufacturer, and Techbridge Ventures Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Nanyang Technological University – NTUitive Pte Ltd.
We provide a wide range of product development services to help companies translate Digital Innovations to Industry Applications. Our product development services include design, prototyping, DFM and mass production.
InnoPartner has developed an extensive range of industrial embedded computer products which have multiple applications in the AI industry. Applications for our embedded computers include industrial automation, edge computing, AI and digital signage.
Established in 1981, the Institute of Systems Science at the National University of Singapore (NUS-ISS) develops digital talent for the industry through graduate education, professional development programmes, consultancy, applied research and career services. NUS-ISS is widely recognised as a champion of the national SkillsFuture movement, enabling a digital economy that is always learning and always leading.
NUS-ISS has implemented a unique portfolio of multiple learning pathways, with a wide spectrum of programmes in critical industry disciplines such as software development, data science, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, smart health, digital government and digital innovation.
15 INSTITUTE OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION - ITE https://www.ite.edu.sg/The Institute of Technical Education (ITE) in Singapore was established on 1 April 1992 as a post-secondary institution. An education from ITE provides graduates with good job and career advancement opportunities, as well as opportunities to go for further education and training.

Adopting a ‘One ITE System, Three Colleges’ Education Model, ITE is ready to provide exciting, high-quality, relevant and market-responsive learning for the global economy. ITE offers a wide range of courses to school leavers and working adults, with courses from the Schools of Applied & Health Sciences, Business & Services, Design & Media, Electronics & Info-Comm Technology, Engineering and Hospitality.

ITE's mission is to create opportunities for students and adult learners to acquire skills, knowledge and values for employability and lifelong learning.

ITE's vision is to be a Trailblazer in Career and Technical Education.
ITE's VALUES are Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence, Care.
16 LIONSBOT INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD. http://lionsbot.com Lionsbot has developed the world’s first Singapore-designed, Singapore-developed and Singapore-manufactured cleaning robot for export to the rest of the world. The company’s first product, called “Leobot Scrub”, is a vacuuming and scrubbing robot which is smaller, more efficient, and more affordable than any other cleaning robot to-date worldwide. The product is born from the founders’ shared vision of a world in which friendly and helpful robots coexist peacefully with human beings. Leobot Scrub incorporates the very latest advances in robots, AI and cleaning technology. Lionsbot plans to make Singapore the go-to city for such advanced robotic cleaning technology.E12
17 NACHI SINGAPORE PRIVATE LIMITED. https://nachi.com.sg/  Nachi’s robotics history started in 1969, where we developed our hydraulics industrial robot which evolved to electric industrial robot. Nachi supply robotic and automation systems to various industries, including automotive industry.

At SIRE 2018 we feature our MZ07 which is one of the fastest in its’ class and our inverted SCARA EZ03 that utilised vertical space when horizontal space is limited. Nachi products includes a unique 7 axis robots (MR Series) flexible to reach areas where traditional 6 axis robot cannot.
Our experience in robotics and our line of articulated robots offers solutions that customers can rely on for years.
18 NANYANG POLYTECHNIC https://www.nyp.edu.sg/ Established in 1992, Nanyang Polytechnic offers quality education in Engineering, Information Technology, Design, Interactive & Digital Media, Chemical & Life Sciences, Business Management and Health Sciences.

The School of Engineering (SEG) offers courses designed for holistic learning with extensive industry partnerships. SEG also involves R&D and industrial projects through technology centres with well-established specialists.
Of these centres, Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre, Centre of Innovation for Electronics & IoT, Automation & Robotics Innovation Centre and Centre for Digital & Precision Engineering, collaborate with EDB and ESG to pursue industry adoption of advanced technologies.
19 National Robotics R&D Programme Office (NR2PO) Coming soon  D04
 20OMRON ELECTRONICS PTE LTDwww.omron-ap.com.sgAs a leader in industrial automation, OMRON has extensive lines of industrial components, controllers, safety devices and industrial robots. With our reservoir of advanced technologies and comprehensive range of devices, OMRON set forth a strategic concept - "innovative-Automation!" consisting of three innovations or "i's" -- "integrated" (control evolution), "intelligent" (development of intelligence by Information and Communications Technology), and "interactive" (new harmonization between people and machines). To advance the collaboration between humans and robots in manufacturing environments, OMRON introduce new collaborative arm robot in addition to the mobile robot. These would enable “flexible manufacturing” within a broad range of manufacturing industries.E11
21 PLANT & MILL SUPPLIES PTE. LTD. (NEW) https://www.pmsupplies.com/ Plant & Mill has been a leading supplier of mechanical drive and motion control products since our inception in 1985.
Our strong belief in quality and innovative products and solutions had allowed us to penetrate to such industries like manufacturing, aerospace and R&D markets.
Besides the supply of standard products, our systems engineers also work very closely with our customers to formulate novel and cost-effective solutions that are beneficial to all your manufacturing needs.
With increased regionalisation, Plant and Mill has built up our network of regional offices to better the needs of our customers.
22 ROCESO TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED https://www.roceso.com/ Roceso Technologies is the first and only soft robotic company in Singapore and a pioneer in Asia. Its soft robotic solutions provide functional assistance to patients with limb motor function impairments during rehabilitation and daily living. The company’s first product, the EsoGlove, is the world lightest hand rehabilitation and exoskeleton device offering top functionality and comfort.
Startup Marketplace
 23ROS-INDUSTRIAL CONSORTIUM ASIA PACIFIChttps://rosindustrial.org/ric-apac/
ROS-Industrial is the global industry-sector adaptation of the popular ROS free robotics software. ROS-Industrial provides system integrators and the industry with vendor-agnostic, reusable and reliable software to implement any type of robotic solutions – with quicker time to market, scalability and lower costs.
In Asia-Pacific, the ROS-Industrial Consortium is headquartered in Singapore led by A*STAR, allowing the Singapore ecosystem quick and easy access to robotics support, expertise and training to accelerate their robotics competency and competitiveness.
https://www.siix-agt.com/. A provider of robotics solutions for healthcare, SIIX-AGT Medtech Pte. Ltd. specialises in service robots and surgical robots clinical application, design and development. Through our designs and innovations, we want to improve and transform the healthcare industry, and make life easier for medical practitioners, care-givers and patients. A leader in robotics power-assisted technology for hospital beds, our EPUSH technology earned us the first prize in Singapore’s National Healthcare Group’s Innovation Supplier Award in 2014. Our business partners and customers include large and established companies from Singapore, Japan and Germany.

SIIX-AGT Medtech Pte. Ltd. is a joint venture between SIIX Corporation and Abacus Global Technology Pte. Ltd. Siix Corporation (TSE) (www.siix.co.jp) is a major Japanese manufacturing company with headquarters in Tokyo and Osaka. Abacus Global Technology Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore company in the business of healthcare robotics and medtech device, including but not limited to, service robots and surgical robots.
25 Singapore Industrial Automation Association - SIAA https://www.siaa.org/ Incorporated since 1982, SIAA is a professional association for companies and professionals in the Automation, Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Robotics sectors. To date, SIAA has about 500 active member companies and professionals, representing different industry verticals such as smart cities, buildings, logistics, retail, transportation, tourism, healthcare, and manufacturing.

SIAA plays a crucial role in galvanizing the Automation, IoT and Robotics business community, through its extensive line-up of highly-valued programs and events, namely:
> Flagship events
> Thought leadership sharing sessions
> Study missions
> Regional collaborations
> Trade collaborations
> Exploring overseas market
 26SINGAPORE POLYTECHNIChttps://www.sp.edu.sg/engineering-cluster/eee Established in 1954, Singapore Polytechnic is Singapore’s first polytechnic. It has 10 schools that offer 40 full-time courses and 3 common entry programmes for close to 16,000 students. SP adopts a proven creative teaching and learning framework and offers students a holistic, authentic and industry-relevant curriculum, innovative and vibrant learning spaces, and enriching overseas programmes.
SP is committed to producing competent and versatile graduates who are also imbued with sound values. SP has more than 200,000 graduates and among them are successful entrepreneurs, top executives in multi-national and public-listed corporations, and well-known professionals across various industries and leaders in government.
 27SINGAPORE UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY AND DESIGN https://epd.sutd.edu.sg/people/faculty/mohan-rajesh-eleraThe RObotics and Automation Research (ROAR) Laboratory is an interdisciplinary research lab within the Engineering Product Development Pillar at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. The ROAR lab aspires to be a global front-runner in developing fundamental and applied research programs in the areas of self-reconfigurable robotics and robot ergonomics with a specific application focus in cleaning and maintenance operations. C04
myme.ai is designing the factory of the future. We’re building technology that gives robotic arms intelligence through an enhanced vision module. This will allow users to create automation processes without having to code or navigate complex UI systems. myme.ai also will extend this technology to imitation learning where the robotic arm will mimic the actions of a worker to complete the task at hand.Startup Market Place
29 TECH AVENUE PTE. LTD. https://www.technical-avenue.com/ Tech Avenue Pte Ltd was incorporated in year 1999. Tech Avenue is the sole distributor for Hokuyo Automatic in South East Asia.
Established in 1946, Hokuyo Automatic has been a leading contributor of automation technologies.
In recent years, the company has developed a number of scanning laser range finders with high accuracy distance measurements, as well as a series of data transmission devices using high-frequency technology.
Compact size, low weight and low power consumption are some of the key advantages of Hokuyo scanning laser range finders. Depending on various applications, we can supply Indoor, outdoor and safety rated scanners.
30 TEMASEK POLYTECHNIC https://www.tp.edu.sg/  D20
31 USA ASSET FUND PTE. LTD. (NEW) https://mirobotic.sg/  MI Robotic is the Sole Distributor of MI Robots in Singapore and is involve in Software Development, Robotic Technology, AI in Commercial and Household Usage. We also have our Robotic Enrichment Programme ,MI Robotic. We seek to partner with interested parties to develop workable Robot with solutions. Our Products and Development involve:- *Robotic Teacher * Robotic Education *Robotic Helper *Robotic in Hospitality * Robotic in Retail * Robotic in Healthcare *Robotic in Logistic * Robotic in F&B * Robot in Office * Robots everyday life. Our website: www.roboticmi.comC11
 32Waste Management & Recycling Association of Singapore - WMRAShttp://www.wmras.org.sg/ B14 
Xnergy Autonomous Power Technologies Pte Ltd is a leader in the high power wireless charging solutions; applicable for mobile robots and electric vehicles. Our product has the highest power volume ratio and its small size make it applicable to integrate to your mobile robots.
Unlock the value of full autonomous e-mobility solutions safely and efficiently across different fleets and different battery types.
Accelerate the electrification utilization and our economies through greater adoptation of unmanned mobile robots and electric vehicles in our work and in our daily lives.
Visit us at the Xnergy Startup booth.
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